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Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc. sells wholesale only! Minimum order to be set up as a distributor is $1,500.00. If you can not meet these requirements -- contact us with your area of interest and we will put you in touch with one of our distributors.

Size Dia. Lb. Test Spool Length and Stk No.
150 ft. 300 ft. 600 ft.
#6 3/16" 800 RDB-61 RDB-63 RDB-66
#8 1/4" 1200 RDB-81 RDB-83 RDB-86
#10 5/16" 1700 RDB-101 RDB-103 RDB-106
#12 3/8" 2400 RDB-121 RDB-123 RDB-126
#16 1/2" 5000 RDB-161 RDB-163 RDB-166

Diamond Braid Nylon

This economy priced quality rope has numerous applications. It has excellent strength and is resistant to rot, abrasion and damage by oil, gasoline, mildew, marine growth and most chemicals. It works well in pulleys and is more plyable (softer) than solid braid. It is easier to work with in cold weather.

Diamond Braid Nylon

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