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For indoor or outdoor use this golf tunnel is so affordable everyone can have one. The net is made of sturdy nylon cord, which has been treated for abrasion resistance and UV protection. The tunnel is 10' long, 10' tall, and 10' wide at the top by 14' wide at the bottom. In addition to a complete tunnel with top, two sides, and one end, you also get an extra heavy baffle that hangs in the end of the tunnel. The kit also consists of four fittings to put the poles together with, rubber tips for the end of the poles, and plastic clips so the frame can be nailed to the ground for outside use. (This helps prevent the net from blowing over during high winds). All you will need to add will be 8 poles form the local hardware store at a cost of about $6.00 each. If you have one of our over the frame batting cages, this net will fit one end of the batting cage, so no additional poles will be needed.


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