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Our plant has grown to full capacity since 1989 when our first machines were installed.
Our first twisting machines were installed in 1989. We started out with only two machines and have since grown to full plant capacity. This gives us the ability to manufacture over five million pounds of twine per year.
CMI employs over 60 people, each are dedicated to producing the very best twine and cordage products found in the world!
There are over 60 employees associated with CMI, each dedicated to providing you with the best cordage products manufactured in the world today.
CMI began manufacturing all types of sports nets and sports nets related equipment in 1995.
In 1995, CMI started developing a line of sports nets for baseball/softball and golf.
Mason line was added to our huge inventory in 1997.

History of Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc.

Established in 1989, Catahoula Manufacturing Inc., has grown to be the premier twine manufacturer in the world. This has been accomplished by providing guaranteed top quality, fast service, unheard of delivery and competitive prices. What more could anyone ask?

Although Catahoula Manufacturing makes many products, the main product is twisted seine twine. Catahoula Manufacturing has the capability of producing over 5 million pounds of twine per year.

Making twisted twine is basically a two-step process. The first step being to twist the yarn together into one strand of the string, the first twist is then put "three-up" on the second twist machine, and then three strands are twisted into a three strand twine. At CMI we put the full amount of twist into all our twine to get a full body twine.

After the second twist, most twine manufacturers spool the twine and send it on its way. However, we take the twine to a conditioning oven where it is heat set or stabilized to minimize untwisting when the twine is cut.

After the twine is heat-set, it is taken to our tubing department where it is tubed for the consumer, the industrial user or cordage distributor.

Much of Catahoula's twine is tarred or dyed before ending up in the wrapping department, where it is labeled, shrink wrapped and boxed.

In early 1990, braided twine and rope (up to 1/2" diameter) were added to the CMI product line as well as molded fiberglass hoops for the commercial fishing industry.

In 1991, CMI added a netting machine to its equipment to further process twine into netting. This netting is used in fish nets, sports nets and specialty nets.

In 1992, CMI bought a coatings company - Texasphaltic Company - a manufacturer of pipe coatings as well as twine and net treatments.

In 1993, CMI bought its first injection molding machine and added dyeing equipment to its plant. CMI now molds polyethylene floats for the commercial fishing industry, ends for rope spools and other custom molding. CMI also has the ability to dye twine virtually any color.

In 1995, CMI started developing a line of sports nets for baseball/softball and golf.

In 1997, CMI started dyeing twine Hot Pink, Neon Yellow and Fluorescent Orange for the building trade.

Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc. is very proud of the many industrial users of twine we have as customers. We feel it says a lot when another manufacturer thinks enough of our quality to use our twine in making their own product.

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